Wigglebumz-Collar- wooden pattern

By Wigglebumz



Our collars are Hand made with love, care & a great knowledge of dogs & their needs. Made from cotton interfacing pressed fabric. Heavier, stronger lining soft on your dogs skin / coat. High end, durable, sturdy hardware that won’t let you down when you need it the most as our warranty assures it! Fun, stylish & unique patterns so you can choose & show off your companions true colours

-This is what Wigglebumz is all about!

How to take your dog measurements :

     1 : Neck circumference

     2: Head circumference

* make sure the width of the collar is big enough for your dogs head circumference when you pick a martingale

widths 2"  1.5"  1"  3/4" 
Neck Circumferences 13" to 21" 11" to 17" 10" to 17" 10" to 17"
weights 175g 125g 65g 40g
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